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    2010-05-03, 6:56 PM
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    it can see the service ruinnng on that port.If I connect to the local machine directly from inside my Linksys router's subnet (, all is well. This means the machine itself is allowing connections.If I connect to the local machine from inside the V1000H's subnet ( by using the IP address that the V1000H has assigned to my Linksys router, all is well. This means the Linksys router is allowing connections.If I connect directly to my external IP address (, the port the connection is refused. This means the V1000H is still blocking that port, even though the Linksys router should be in the DMZ and all inbound connections should be sent to it without the V1000H even bothering to look at it.Does anybody have a problem with my logic? Have I missed something somewhere?Oh and Telus tech support's response to my questions? You can't have your router in the DMZ because you only have 1 IP address. You would need 2: one for the gateway (V1000H) and one for your router. [facepalm]Please tell me I've missed something somewhere, otherwise this DMZ really isn't a DMZ. Oh and I tried turning off the DMZ and just forwarding the specific port to my Linksys router. No dice

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